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Update Jakarta-Jambi Flights and Travels

Living or working in a small town in middle of Sumatra island kind of tricky sometimes. For some people who never been to Jambi, its confusing. There are several ways to acces Jambi Province, with air or land.
There are several flights goes to Jambi from Jakarta or Batam and Pekan Baru Riau.
After a while not traveling, i browse up some news papers and found announcement about flights to
Jambi from Jakarta or from Jakarta to Jambi. We do have small airport, but not that "scary small", its good enough for a Boeing 737 to land.
From Jakarta the flights are Mandala Airlines, Sriwijaya Airlines, Batavia Airlines, Lion Airlines and Garuda Airlines.

Heres the update for thsi month....

Garuda Airlines start from November 1 will add more flights to and from Jakarta-Jambi twice perday.
Those flights are:
GA 137 Jambi-Jakarta 08.50 10.05
GA 131 Jambi-Jakarta 16.15 17.30
GA 136 Jakarta-Jambi 07.05 08.15
GA 130 Jakarta-Jambi 14.30 15.40

Also read there is promotion for Mandala flights with booking period 19-21 October for flying on December 1 2009- 28 February 2010. This flight goes from Jakarta to Jambi too.

There are also few cars that goes to Jambi (Travel), that i never list before. I like this small car better than a bus because its more comfort and sometimes more space and mostly faster than a bus like 3-4 hrs ahead. Ofcourse the price a little bit expensive than normal bus. But for traveling in Sumatra i prefer using this kind of transportation because when sometimes the road closed due to maintenance or incase of bad weather like a landslide or a broken bridge the type of car whos allowed to passed through are the van like this travel use (L300, Kijang Innova). And some travel company even give more luxurious choices of cars to pamper their costimer like providing luxury car like Toyota Prado. Here are two of my fave traveling company:

P.O TOP (0741-40653/43160)
Jambi-Palembang (9 times a day)
Jambi-Dumai (10.00 & 20.00)
Jambi-Pekanbaru (10.00 & 20.00)
Jambi-Lampung (12.00 & 20.00)
Jambi-Padang (10.00, 16.00 & 20.00)

P.O RATU INTAN (0741-20784/27876)
Jambi-Palembang (Hourly/every 1 hr)
Jambi-Bengkulu (09.00 & 20.00)
Jambi-Tembilahan (10.00 & 18.00)
Jambi-Pekanbaru (10.00 & 20.00)
Jambi-Lampung (20.00)
Jambi-Padang (08.00 & 20.00)

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