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Jakarta Hate it, but Also Love it

I got cheap flight ticket from Jambi to Jakarta with Mandala air. Its a good airways because they offer promotion price every months.
For my flight ticket it cost Rp 500.000,- one way. Because its so close to x-mast so i consider its cheap. Because the regular price for flight from Jakarta to Jambi is nearly Rp 600,000,- one way.
Usually its cheaper from Jakarta to Jambi. I don't know why...
Anyway.. i've been planning this trip at least months before. But due to my work situation i can't just book flight and leave just like that. So i book the flight a month before.
I want to meet some of old friend and have great time with them. Its been years since the last time i really stay in Jakarta. I usually stay only for transit from other place like Bali or from other country.
I am planning to stay at my older sister house in Tanah Abang.

So here i am with mandala flight RI-026 at December 20, 2008 went to Jakarta.

As usual, oh God, i am so late !! that day i don't know my sisters and mom very late. I just got back from my jungle office arrive at 7 pm and then i went to Jambi Prima mall to get some things for my self (shampoo, lotion etc). And arrive home at 9 pm start to pack my things.
I usually not the type packing at very last moment but this time i did.
So i went to bed so late at 11.30 pm ! nearly midnight ! I wake up at 6 am but then still theres few things that i have to pack like duku ! yup.. my sister reuest for duku from Jambi, its quite well known that duku fruit from jambi is different its taste sweeter for some people.
And then the chaos came when we realize that theres some road closed for motor cross championship and theres few school are crowded because its the report day. So, parent come to school to pick up their children report card ! ugghhh!
So, again..(ohhh i hate this) me running from the waiting room after checking to the plane that ready to leave !! so embarrassing !
Flight was good.
Arrive around 12, i did my lunch at A&W at airport. Not very healthy. I call my friend Egi and she is still at the office so i have to drive to her office.
Her office is at Mampang area. I didn't know Jakarta much so i have to take DAMRI bus to city centre, and i choose DAMRI bus to Gambir Station. Its a train station. Its a cheaper way to get to Jakarta center only cost Rp 20.000.- one way and its flat.
Jakarta still the same as i recall... traffic jam, cars, motorcycle, bajay, more more people doing their things in street. Its afternoon... but still they are all busy. See the tall buildings.. its just almost the same like my jungle. Its just another jungle i think..
From Gambir i take taxi, i always choose Blue Bird taxi service in Jakarta. Well known because they great service and the drivers are very honest. I hope they always be like that all the time.
I meet my friend and have to wait for her to finish her office hours.
Egi is my old friend from University. We've been friends for more than 5 years !
Her rent room near Mampang too, she live there with her super cute fur ball (cat). She used to hate cat but don't know what happened to her lately i guess she just deeply in love with someone who like cat and she love cats too now, hahahahahah !
First day we just too tired to go or to do anything so we sleep early !

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