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Bandung (Day2)

After watching "Twilight" last night.. i feel so empty.. GOSH ! why do they have that guy as main lead actor ??? i love the book why they have to choose that "funny" look guy to be Edward the coolest and most romantic vampire in my imagination? eeewwww !! (sorry to the fans, but i just don't like him !).

Bandung day two.. i told Arni awant to go to FO or Factory Outlet. Beside strolling for foods... shopping is the main attraction to go to Bandung. Good quality branded clothes with cheap prices. For the food.. ohhh.. its just so many things u could try here.. start from siomay bandung which is like fish meatballs with peanut sauce. Also lots of Sundanese cook like ayam bakar (which is my fave) the prices also good.

I just want to get a hot pants for my Thailand trip.. hehe want to show my chunky legs to every body ..hehehehehe.... (especially to those skinny girls...hehe).

Anyway.. we end up went for a stroll to CIWALK (Ciampelas Walk), Ciampelas is where you could find a lot of shops selling cheap jeans an t-shirt. We went to the Mall. I see a barbie doll that my niece want and its quite cheap than Jakarta (she want those princess barbie) i dont really like the idea of giving her a doll like barbie (euuh.. too girlie !) but she really want it since she went to watch the show at Grand Indonesia. I also saw the hot pants that i want.. not too short but its just nice length...

We eat our lunch at a cafe called Rasta i think its on the corner of the street, where the becak park. We eat cheese pizza (junk food i know !) just small size and also i order hot lemon tea because i feel kind of not so well. Also Arni order fried rice... very delicious ! its good !!

Near afternoon we went to jalan Riau where there's lots of Factory Outlet. First we stop for the juices seller. He sold the cranberries juice... OMG sooo fresh !! he stand infront of Secreat FO (we went there twice just to buy juice from him !).

First stop is "Secret" I like the "ambience"... thats my first thought of this FO. Inside its just like hectic place ! i try to find jeans for me, its cheap here... inside i could see some tourist from Malaysia, and western too.

Arnie end up shopping three cardigans that she really love that night.. while me... hmm.. i can't see anything that amuse me that time....

We then made promise to go back there the very next day.. just so many things there that looks good (and cheap !) and kind of making me confuse !

We then decide to go to next FO which is "Oasis" the price bit higher and the clothes not as good as at previous FO.. we went out without buying anything.

We cross the street and went to other FO which is "Summit" Arnie love one of the shoes... but still i can't find anything that interesting for me...

And.. at the end we went to the most crowded FO "The Heritage". Its very crowded ! and from front it looks small then when we walk to the back of the store.. its just so big.. and its connected to the FO next door "Water Fall" which is more bigger ! (i found out about this the very next day). I saw a small red "FILA" backpack that.. i ever really want long long time ago (its an old model). But i think i will get it after i finish all of the FO's (i don't know if Heritage actually the end/beginning of the FO's at the very same street).

Tired .... and have few shopping bags on hand ..We went back home at 9 pm.. (smile)

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