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A Reunion (Jambi-Palembang)

I give my mom air asia flight ticket from Palembang to Kuala Lumpur as birthday present.
And she want me to driver her to Palembang from Jambi. Its 5 hours ride from Jambi.
I never been to Palembang since i think 2nd grade at elementary school (hehe). Past few years i went through Palembang from Lampung to Jambi due to my University days off. But i guess that wont be counted as its only passing.. i only spent at least 30-40 min there at the travel agent stop.
This time i have to deliver my mom and youngest sister and stay there for a night, drive them to airport, and wait for my travel mini bus.
First thing first... it cost me Rp 120.000,- for one way ticket from Jambi to Palembang with P.O Ratu Intan travel (Phone: 0741-27876 or 0711-365466). They use small comfort kijang and now available with bigger car a toyota fortuner with same price (hehehe). What i like of using travel cars is they pick you up and drive you straight to your destination, if its in town theres no extra charge at all !
So, we decide to start the journey at 9.30 am from Jambi. Its quite smooth ride, i fell asleep most of the time. Its jungle not much to see, and not much change since like 3-4 years ago when i use to pass the same road.
We arrive in Palembang at 2.30 pm. Decide to stay in Anugrah Hotel. I browse this hotel in internet and my sister and mom said they like it. Since the day before my mom try to contact this hotel but the hotel keep full. And we're desperate. But on our way to Palembang, when the driver stop for rest and lunch near Muara Enim, i decide to give it a shoot. Just 30 minute after my mom call the hotel i call them back and get a deluxe room for us.. hehehe i am a good negotiator and have a good voice hehehehe (narcissists mode on !).
We check in and they ask me to deposit Rp 400.000,- to the front desk. No problem, the room rate per nite is Rp 320.000.- its a good deal. Since it next to Mc Donalds (yes the junk food) and its in middle of city and we don't add money for extra bed.
The room quite cozy and pretty small, i think because they use queen size bed. But it doesn't matter... we could share the same bed (we're not that big after all, and its just for a nite).
Hot water is fine, the shower also running good... hmm.. air conditioner.. hehe they gave us the remote control (its on the wall next to the window). TV had lots of channel.. but sure we there not to watch TV but its important for my mom, she is a sinetron lover (euuhh !).
Afternoon, i told my sist that i get so bored that i want to explore, mom little bit afraid. Hehe...
So i went to front desk and ask if theres mall any near there. And a nice woman said we are pretty close to Palembang Square shopping centre. So we jump into a becak to the shopping centre.. it maybe 1-2 Km's from our hotel, the becak ride cost me Rp 8000 (we are heavy !).
I went to Gramedia book store ofcourse ! also hypermart because i need some extra water and sweets for my journey back to Jambi the very next day.
We return to hotel before 8 pm as my mom told me.
The next morning we had break fast at 7.30 am at the hotel cafe. Its delicious. I ate chicken porridge or bubur ayam with curry sauce. My sister eat fried rice with eggs. And i have a glass of orange juice and she had a cup of tea.
After breakfast we are packing. We check out at 10.30 am and get a taxi that cost us Rp 80.000,- to airport. The taxi is not really a normal sedan taxi, more to the car we use to go from jambi. The trip from our hotel to airport take 30-35 minute, and we are lucky no traffic jam. There used to be traffic jam at certain time and day on the way to airport. But with the fly over road its less tho.
The entrance fee for the airport is Rp 2000,- its normal for most indonesia airport (for parking?). Here come the issue.. hehe.. my mom want me to take care of fiskal.

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