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Indonesia & Travel Warning

After Bali bombing seemed that several country that have their trust in indonesia security getting lower.
I mean, whos going to blame any one who thought about that. When i see those bombing on tv i just can't believe it, its really happening. I just can't believe the reasons.
Theres 202 victims die on that day (October 12, 2002). And 162 of them are tourist on vacation in Bali.
Since that happened USA and australia warned tourist to reconsider about visiting indonesia.
USA actually just canceled the travel warning that they gave to indonesia after 8 years (from November 200 to May 2008).
Australia few weeks ago just announce another travel warning for indonesia (October 26, 2008) due to the execution of the Bali bomber that might trigger another bombing again.
The australian gov. even put the risk at level 4 from 5 level (which is the same danger like countries with conflict)Its one the Australia network also at ABC news. Some people belief there will be another terrorism attack right when the Amrozi cs being executed.
Theres no one know when exactly they will be executed but the "early november" could mean middle or end of november also (indonesian..sigh...)
I don't know how this will impact indonesia tourism, or how long australia gov will do this travel warning.
But for sure indonesia is doubling the security by posting lots of policemen in java and bali island.
I just hope that there will be nothing happened, and the execution went smooth without any incident.
For more information about the travel warning that Australia Gov. have issue you could click here.
I want to go to bali.... please..please..please... don't ruin bali again.... i just want this all over..

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Anonymous said...

I like this post...

Anonymous said...

Hi..Now im working in bali.I have been 1,5 years.N everythgs undercontrol.My name is zaky i work at private television. E: if u need any info jst mail me.ok.dont worry.bali is the most beautiful place in the world

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