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Pari Island Pictures....

Let the pictures speak...

Welcome To Pari Island

And the holiday begun... most of the beach pictures taken from the virgin beach with white powdery sand, kind of remind me the andaman beach sands.

White sandy nearly empty beach

hahah!! ohh my dirty minds!!

The entrance to village

famous landmark

Morning exploring @ Pari Island

View from one of fishing village

virgin beach sooo smooth

very clear water

virgin beach at Pari island

you could stroll on the water far away.. sand so soft

other part of virgin beach


Yessss... there's over 300 pictures i took from the island trip, its worth the time and money! but too bad the accommodation is quite limited and pretty basic as i mention on previous post...

I wish i could post more to show you how beautiful the island. Its not as over crowded as Pramuka island or other island in one thousand island. And i like it how people in here still work together to build this place tourism.

direction sign behind Pari Harbour

our ride back to Jakarta-on top deck! yeah!!

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