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One Thousand Island Jakarta--Great Escape to Beautiful Pari Island (Part 2: Less than 24 hour to do thing!)

........ when you're planning a trip, you actually already on the road for that trip....

My trip also was quite hectic. I had very short notice—a day before. And guess who need to arrange the whole thing? ME.

So, googling here and there I got so frustrated because there are so LESS information about how to get to these pretty islands. All I could get is the pictures of bunch young people jumping off the white sandy beach or lying down the beach lines, posed with bikinies, or other silly stuff. There are less complete information (not even govt) about these islands, how to get there, about the boats, about the ticket, accommodation and short of a brief information about what to expect on EVERY EACH OF THOSE PRETTY ISLANDS!! All I got the contact about travel or tours that accommodate package to the island and geezzz!! **frustrated**

Take a deep breath….

I pick Pari island, just made up my mind and start to focus on the particular island.

One thing I got for sure is… there’s less people went there compare to other island. The price is “still friendly” and I collect as much as I could get of the contact for the accommodation at the island.

I just got stuck by the image of this white sandy beach called “Perawan Beach” and I like how clean it looks like from the picture. I like the fact that there’s LIPI office there. I like the kind of holidays where I could learn about things while relaxing.

Next thing I conclude is, I could do this cheap way but I had to wake up early and race to Muara Angke (I never been there I am sure taxi driver will know… blue bird taxi driver will…. Right?? Errhh… ). Bad options, I could end up late because me or the driver don’t know where this harbor is!! And the holiday is off. Or I could wake up at 5.30am and just order taxi to ancol and pay lots more for less than one hour cozy ride with huge speedboat in aircond and I don’t need to squeeze my big ass and long legs with 99 other people (and God know what else).

I sound like very annoying, lazy, spoiled prick. Sorry… I do think the 2nd options more make sense for me (after long tiring Friday hectic at office). I DESERVE THIS!!!

I contact one of the website I got. This guy name is Munawar Salagau (his travel name Salagau). BB PIN296ac977 phone 085810335502/081314562800. I think he got the best price for the boat from Marina Ancol. He told me I had to pay full Rp 350,000,-/person for return trip to and from Pari Island.  (the official at the marina its around Rp 330.000,- and I could live with that extra, not total ripoff or anything). He also good guy who offer me to join his group that leave from Muara Angke, but I decline since I plan to go with the speedboat.

He gave me his bank account number and i did talk with him on the phone for sometimes (just to make sure). First I was in doubt, but anyway, I don’t have much time doing this juggling with my Friday work hectic. At afternoon I text him, it’s done. I heard before about people who fooled traveler who plan to go to one thousand island, it’s just not once I read this story. But, anyway… I just TRY to trust this time!!

He later gave me the contact person at the marina ancol Pak Deden his phone number 08161490938. I think to cut it shorter you could contact this person directly instead (but I don’t know if they had short of special arrangement). Pak Deden is the one who greet me at the Marina ancol pier, and get me the ticket and tag my bag. He also lists my name to the passenger list. All I did that time just sit down on a bench, while he was the one whos queue, and get everything done---nice!

For the accommodation in Pari island I read from lots of website, there’s not much accommodation there. And you can’t rent a room.. Basically just the same if you want to rent it for 6 peoples or 2 peoples or 10 peoples. The price PER HOUSE is Rp 600,000,- for one that had air conditioner. Again, I had not much choice as I had less time to browse. This is a huge note for all of you who want to travel to this island, plan a head, at least a week before. Also the more people you go with it would be cheaper because you divide the price with more people!

There are plenty basic to nice accommodation. Those who plan earlier usually could pick the nicer place closer to harbor or to the nice beach—Perawan Beach.

My contact for the accommodation is  Pak Arman his phone number is 085882588844 and BB pin is 29F7E232. I only pay for down payment Rp 200.000,- and pay the rest when I arrive. I found him a very nice guy later. He also gives the local guide number Aris 081511864428. Aris is the one who take me to the accommodation and made sure I got things I need. But later I met with Pak Arman when I was thinking I want to go snorkel.

Next time if I went to Pari I will ask him to book something closer to the pier or on the east part of the island where there’s very nice homestay near the comm. Tower. It does look very brand new and the view is straight to the ocean… nice….

To be continued....

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