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Belitung, amazing pure island in Sumatra

After few days in Bangka, my sister told me that shes in Belitung visiting her in Law in Manggar, a small city in Belitung island. So i decide to join her and her family for a short trip before went back to my jungle.
I bought a fast boat ticket two days before i leave Bangka. I don't want to take a risk because its still on Lunar New Year celebration week and everything seemed fully booked. I went to the travel agent next to the Otak-Otak AB restaurant where we having an otak-otak fiesta day before.
Theres only one boat to go to Belitung from Bangka island. And its not everyday! yikes! talking about isolated island again! I think it was like twice a week! so be careful when you do the travel itinerary to both island!
Beside there's less boat traveling abck and forward both islands, you might have to check weather too. There's not once the boat flip ! its so scary. Last time in January my brother in law brother boat(hahah sorry make you confuse) have to go back to Bangka island because the boat hit by big wave and it breaks all of boat window glass!

On the day i travel to Belitung. I have to leave Sungai Liat at 10.15 am using a rent car to go to Pangkal Pinang. The price for the rent car is Rp 150.000,-
I arrive at Pangkal Balam, Bangka island harbour at 11.30 and i have to wait for like 1 hour to go to the boat. Its pretty neat boat since its a new boat. The boat Name is Bahari Express 8C (the "B" flip like a month ago..uhh...).

I will post something later ok.... its lots of fun for sure !!

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Unknown said...

Beutiful Island of Belitung, someday i hope can visit belitung.
Nice post Mbak :D

salam kenal

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