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Bangka and some Awesome food!!

February 18, 2010

Due to the mixed cultures between malay and chinese, and lots more that i don't know... Bangka had a rich variety of food. Mostly based on fish. Fish meatballs, fish dumplings, everything is fish, because its easy to get and and its plenty out there!
After getting some tan, i decide its time to get some taste of Bangka. Its just too bad that weather not good and its a little bit raining. But not stopping me and my friends for exploring some food!
Some store still clossed due to Lunar new year few days ago. You still could see lots of cars from different city and people talking in Jakarta slang language here and there.
I went to "Empek2" its a fish dumpling with some hot sauce called "cuka" i went to a small food stall near Bank Mandiri. We eat empek-empek and model there. Its cheap.
After that, i went to try "otak-otak" its also made from fish on a restaurant "AB" (Asli Belinyu) ..OMG its verrryyy good. They will give you 3 different sauce to go with. I try 3 of it. Its very nice! i take picture where you could see the prices of the food, its awesome!
Because the weather not so good, so we didn't go to more eating places...

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aulia said...

pengen mpek2 mbak...hehehe...ngidam!

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