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Tanjung Lesung Banten Part 3; Calica Resort & Beach Club

The Beach Club is quite nice.. but the beach is so-so. Its clean, and you could see father and daughter kayaking there’s another guy also doing jet ski. The beach club also had toilet and shower place to clean up if you decide to swim. I would say its good that the beach is clean but I don’t think I would swim or snorkel. It’s clear water to snorkel but I think there’s not really much to see there.
Beach Club @ Calica Resort

When we were there, plenty of people trying the water sport such as banana boat, jet ski or even kayaking. Some just sit around the bench and relaxing. The parking spot are great. They also provide shower to clean up and pretty good/clean toilet if you decide to change clothes and to clean up after swimming on beach.

"mini beach" at beach club

The Beach Club not so appealing "beach"

The beach span less than 100 meters with rocky white sands... a mix with broken shells, sands and broken corals. Its also only less than 2 meters wide. Its quiet also... The visitors as much as i could see mostly locals.. and with head scarf (possibly still conservative--glad im not planning to do some bikini show up!!). There are at least two expat families doing kayaking and relaxing.

The "fishing bridge" at Beach Club Tanjung Lesung

Im not in the mood for doing anything with water. Its just 6 weeks after my retina detachment surgery anyway... no swimming!

the walk along the shores, reminds me of Sanur

they keep the resort clean-i like this!

Green Coral-where you could sleep with tent

the path along the beach from Beach Club to Calica

The air is fresh and we decide to have a stroll along the beach. They made this good pavement for walking/using bicycle. But i think it’s a little bit too short for bicycle. We walk to the harbor where you could rent some fishing rod and fish by the hour there. Also it’s not a good idea because I barely see fish there.

Beach Club from the fishing bridge

why the evacuation route not on the map?? **safety first**

We walk to the left side of the beach house and not for so long we enter the Tanjung Lesung Beach hotel. It’s not that bad. It’s bigger area than our hotel. It had gazebos on the beach area. But the beach itself not much to see or do. The swimming pool is the main attraction I guess. I saw lots of families there. Including family of goat haha!

very close to "nature" kind of hotel-welcoming the goat family (on vacation sir??)

We walk more to the east and we enter the Hotel Calica beach resort. Saw some tv/movie crew making video on beach. There are several beach bed but I can’t understand the concrete under it…

Beach bed in front of Calica Beach Hotel
The hotel looks nice, better than any accommodation there—I would say the best. They even had this souvenir shop. We decide to relax a bit on one of their comfy rattan bed shape like circle… I even fall a sleep there.

pretty comfy and the restaurant lend us their pillow

Its soo quiet and I love it so much. Calica beach area not that much better than any of beach in the resort area. It’s still rocky and had this sign said you can’t swim there. I think its related to the fact that they don’t have any beach guard to watch you while you swim on beach. But for me as I am not allowed to swim yet, I could enjoy the beach as far as sleeping on it.

We had another drinks on Calica restaurant. It’s by the beach, and the price is not that expensive (except for the liquors, beer is around Rp 40.000,-/can). So, better buy your own beer at alfamart or indomart outside the resort (but if you think the price is all right, it doesn’t matter then).

rocky quiet beach

Overall it’s a nice lazy PEACEFUL afternoon for me. We walk over to the beach club when the sun sets already. It’s quite dark when we walk by, the lights was on but still its darker than we thought it would be.

dinner time!

We did our dinner at a restaurant outside the resort. It’s called Kampoeng Nelayan. It’s on the left side from the Calica resort direction. When we came there, there are many locals. They had this chess tournament.

inside the restaurant--we are the only customer!

We had the steamed red snapper and grilled fish. It’s really fresh and the price is very good. The restaurant is quite empty. They also had rooms for guest. It’s like small room and quite basic. The room on week day cost 400k and on weekend it goes to 500k.

You could see small fishing houses in the middle of sea. There’s hundreds of it and you could see the tiny rocking lights from each of it. It’s very nice to eat fresh sweet fish while watching this lights and hearing the wave sounds. We stayed until around 8.30pm and go back to the resort, very full and satisfied!

On our way back, as I already thought, the resort turn into a horror like scene!! Yikes!! Its pitch dark! And I just ONLY wish we don’t have flat tire or no animals crossing!! Hahaha! Been working in jungle for 6 years I know what you could expect from this kind of road!!

If you’re staying with your family, I think, on the safe side just order food from your resort. It’s not that its not safe or anything. But 2 kms from NEAREST security “booth” there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING it’s just rice fields and bushes! Again… been working in jungles.. I know what I expect hahah! There are ranging from flat tire, upset engines **out of nowhere** wild boars, snakes So it would be less stress with small kids who afraid of darks or those who get freak out very quick to just stay at hotel!

We had quite long day with the car trip, we fall asleep very quick. It was a great day anyway with delicious dinner!

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Tanjung Lesung Part 2--a very quiet resort ......

We start on Saturday from Jakarta Selatan at 8.30am. Traffic still all right, no jammed street. After passing Tangerang exit (to BSD) there’s road fix for around 5kms. We still could drive 40-50kmph.

nice green view on the way

Its not really that difficult when driving from Jakarta with google map printed and gps from Phone. We decide not to rush and just enjoy the trip. The first stop would be at the toll rest area to get some fuel for the car an water for the trip.

None of us been here before, so I was doing what most Indonesian woman did, stocking for foods—just in case its jammed I would like to have something to eat **excuse my acid indigestion caused me had the heartburn and we don’t want that**

So we had snacks from the rest area and car tank full with fuel and set the music here goes the ride. Its quite smooth beside the road fix near the Tangerang. It doesn’t do any jam maybe because its weekend.

one of the useful map for fuel station--its to Umang resort, but its pass Tanjung Lesung!

After one-two hour the view from the toll road is change into rural area with smaller roads. I know by then, we already in Serang. Again it’s not as hard as I imagine to navigate with the google map printed for our driver.

We pass several traditional wet markets and slow down a little bit. Passing schools and the kids were back from school. There are a lot of rice fields, and green trees out there. I wish could roll down the window and just have the fresh air in, but due to my recent eye surgery I can’t do it—don’t want to get some dust get to my eye.

After three hours it’s quite boring. But when we arrive in Penimbangan, I could see the beach on my left side I got excited again! Penimbangan connect the street from Anyer-Carita to Tanjung Lesung.

It’s like in middle of nowhere after sometimes on that road. The street get smaller, and I turn on my gps again to make sure we go to the right direction (the hotel put their coordinate on their website, its -6.493981,105.676041  just put this number on your google maps or gps on smart phone and it will direct you to the hotel). But its only 5kms away!! Yay!

There is several home stay. It looks pretty basic with the fishing village around it. I could see its quite fun to stay with local people.

When we saw the resort gate, I would say “YAAAAYYY finally!!” and quite surprise it’s still mid day! It took us less than 4 hours to get here! The security will pass you a card to enter the resort. If you get out you will give the card back to the security guy.

Tanjung Lesung Resort Entrance

The resort area not fully developed. It’s beautiful, and its sooo green with lots of rice field in right or left. I didn’t see any beach! It took around 3 kms to get to Blue Fish. And I could imagine it must be really dark at night in here!! I barely see any light pole at the street.

rice field on the way to hotel (inside the resort)

When we turn right not long after second roundabout, following the “Blue Fish” sign (one sign as “Bunar B & B” also the sailing club), there is no black road anymore. The road very small, I don’t know how it goes if there’s two cars passing by from different directions. It’s pretty raw street with rice field on both side. It’s around 2kms bumpy pebbles street until we could see the accommodation on left side.

view from in front of the Blue Fish Hotel

Blue fish is more than I expected. It’s VERY quiet, not long after we found out that we are the ONLY people who rent the rooms!

Blue Fish Hotel-Finally!!

The staff very quick and had good English. He said most of the expat comes to this part of resort. He hand us the keys and two coupons for rides at the BEACH CLUB. He said we should pick one that not use any fuel. Means; kayaking, snorkel, etc that not involve engines—then we had to pay.

the swimming pool and the beach view

We check the pool and beach before get to the room. There’s not much for beach. But, the swimming pool is clean!! They had some chairs and a good gazebo for bbq. You could even ask the staff if you would like to have the bbq.

clean/neat restaurant/dining behind the receptionist

Despite of quite business, the hotel is very well taken care of. The grass is cut short and clean from garbage. It would be easier for them to let this hotel in bad condition because there are very rare visitor (perhaps) but nope… its quite squeaky clean! And I am happy about it.

The room also not bad!! Well… no flat tv.. Still chubby tv with no dvd player. The toilet is clean. They give 4 towels and there is no fridge—no mini bar. Just two bottle of mineral water. Not even water heater… quite disappoint for this. They should really give the water heater so guest could at least made tea or coffee in the room. For something nearly 1mio rupiahs… I DEMAND the water heater jug! Haha!

the bedroom-pardon my messiness

And more picture....

minus the mini bar and dvd player

After taking few pictures, we went for lunch. Looking the sign board said “Sailing Club” not far from the hotel I will admit that it was actually a bad idea. First I would think it was good because then we saw the sailing club already and actually thought maybe the sailing thing is not really bad (got seasick very easy).

Toilet (errrhh its wrong side of picture)

We park the car at “well hidden” parking space sign. I was in very good mood and hungry and expecting some fresh sea food. We're in high expectancy.

When I get down, there’s an old white guy with very thick English, I assume it was Australian (had Australian boss before) or British. He was telling me to go to  go to register, and mumbling that he didn’t have his glasses.

I was a little bit confuse and asking him very polite, if he need my help about register desk?? (because i thought he just a visitor same just like me). And he was a little bit shouting and said; I need to register! And again said he doesn’t need my help--well ok?. I was puzzled but still moving to the register desk as he points it.

I told him twice, we already had our hotel and I don’t understand why we had to register there JUST TO HAVE FOOD????!! And on my back I heard him still with raised voice and its quite rude. My mood just went down.

He doesn’t looks like anything like hotel/resort staff. He just this Caucasian old guy with cheap black short and white normal old shirt and sandals. If you met this kind of guy in resort, how do you think he actually the guy who “manage” that place????

And despite in HOSPITALITY industry, he was quite HOSTILE. He didn’t ask if WE NEED HIS HELP he didn’t APOLOGIZE when later he knew we stay at Blue Fish Hotel which still one group as place he manages. 

After almost 5 minute’s hassles and loud voice he finally get a grip and UNDERSTAND that we don’t need register we just want to HAD LUNCH at his empty restaurant. There goes my good mood that day!! Theres also a local lady that help us out to "yell" at him that we just want to have lunch and we are not intruder who just want to step on his "private" property. She told us that plenty of people come here just to go to the beach without staying or buying their food. I could understand they've being frustrated but--the rudeness is not necessary at all!!

He then said something about nasi goreng but really… our mood just gone, and just like that we scratch this place from “must see” place after this incidence. I did manage to cool down others after this incident and sit still eat the food, but nothing special about this place. No need to go to Sailing Club part, feels like they had pet dog that bark to anyone that comes (he didn’t ask nicely… its not that hard, and I think my English also NOT THAT BAD to understand that hes being rude, by kept telling its private property??? Errrhhh I thought you rent it for rooms and you definitely had website said we could had food there.. hellowww?????).

We ate two plate of nasi goreng and club sandwich also with capcay (its for 3 people) the cost?? including 21% tax its Rp 336.380,- uhhh! haha this is an "expat" price for nasi goreng! but ok... its a resort.. what do you expect? **get over it**

After the not so happy lunch we don’t want to ruin our day and went to the Beach Club. From the Bunar B&B we turn right to the sign said Calica Resort & Beach Club direction. It’s around 2kms from the hotel. Its half bumpy road and half black road.

Hoping we will see something much better!

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Jakarta-Tanjung Lesung (Banten) Part 1; another great weekend escape!

It’s not much place you really want to be considering the traffic in Jakarta could be pain in the @ss. As harsh as it sound, you will agree when you trapped 2 hours in car just to get through 5 kms distance.

One of Tanjung Lesung Beach
One of my favorite places is beach. If I had option between jungle and beach I would choose beach! Ive spent 6 years with nature and grew up with buffalos on my backyard… not that I’m not appreciate nature but… seen that :) done it for years! i want beach if  i can!

The plan to Tanjung Lesung not that complicated. I was looking forward for another Anyer-Carita kind of weekend then I found out something about Tanjung Lesung. It’s quite far from Carita-Anyer, around 40kms. I was thinking ITS TOO MUCH for weekend trip!

The road view to Tanjung Lesung

To Anyer-Carita itself it took around 4-5 hours due to the “classic” reason for traffic jam. And in total 10 hours more JUST for weekend in beach is something not appealing. But then, I found another alternative driving road from Jakarta to Tanjung Lesung that only 3-4 hours max, the plan seemed MAKE SENSE for me. All you need is to google your way here. Not pretty much on INTERNET---means its more quiet place.. and i LOVE quiet places... because it will be more clean!

A warning! Tanjung Lesung is known for its EXPENSIVE resorts and beach with corals and rocks… its not white sandy beach you saw on internet. Its true… but I just want to see it at least ONCE!

Tanjung Lesung Resort Gate

There are several accommodations on the resort area (they are one group). All of the accommodation is on the same huge area… and it still half developed with most of road still dirt with tiny pebbles… better not use your expensive low sedan to get here people!
The biggest and luxurious one is Calica Resort. This resort had villas with 2-3 bedrooms per villa. On weekend the 2 bedroom villas rent price start from US$376 (they had their own swimming pool/private pools). This prob best choice for families.

Other options would be Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotels. The cottages start from US$236 for 2 persons. The hotel is next to Calica.

When we walk by the beach we saw one other “cheaper” options for this destination… with a tent! Its called Green Coral---. Its behind the beach house.

Beach Club sands and activities

Beach house is where you could do the water sport activities. The pricing is much cheaper than Bali water sport for sure. But… uhhh I don’t feel like doing jet ski on low water and corals waiting below… its not fun at all… I will upload the pricing picture.

With confirmed booking on one of the hotel on the resort (the cheapest I could find!)—the hotel name is Blue Fish at Bunar B&B complex in Tanjung Lesung Resort. The rate for me is not “suitable” for backpacking style. Its cost around 976k per night. It’s a resort anyway…. And yet this is the cheapest among other hotels in same area. And its still in the same area as other hotel (Tanjung Lesung Resort).

There are probably more cheapest accommodation. I saw more than 3 “homestay” on the way to Tanjung Lesung Resort. But this homestay not on internet. I cant find them. One that surely I would recommend would be one where we eat dinner (Kampoeng Nelayan) its less than 2kms from Tanjung Lesung Resort on the right side from Jakarta direction.

I found some homestay on website, but cant really remember if I saw any of these during my trip… but it’s a good options for budget/backpackers too beside the camping on beach option.

  1. Home stay Faris
  2. Homestay Melati
  3. Adam homestay
  4. Oce Homestay Cp: Pak Oce 0812 9595 988 (one room is 200k)

To get to Tanjung Lesung Resort you could drive from Jakarta with two options:
  • Jakarta-Merak toll road, exit from Serang Timur via Pandeglang-Labuan and straight to Tanjung Lesung
  • Jakarta-Merak toll road, exit from Cilegon Timur and going to Anyer-Carita road plus another 40kms to Tanjung Lesung

I definitely won’t regret my option to choose number one, exit from Serang timur. It took me only 4 freakin hours!! Very relax speed no rush, the roads quite smooth and this is the first time I ever went through this toll road and goes to Tanjung Lesung.

I won’t surprise if anyone could do 3 hours! It’s not that jammed, the scenery is good with mountains, and the road smooth for a small region. It’s small and on hilly areas quite tricky as the street small. And yes, unlike the Anyer-Carita street… we didn’t see any beach until we pass Pandeglang and enter Labuan.

One of sign on Calica Resort

But this option is very good because street in Anyer-Carita is full with beach and it’s so jammed that possible you will end up spending over 5-6 hours to get to Tanjung Lesung by this option!

I would definitely will recommend this beach for those who like quiet beach, good for families... and its clean! 

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