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Dear pembaca, untuk kedepannya tulisan dalam bahasa Indonesia di blog ini bakalan aku pindahkan ke blog aku yang lain "Nona Backpacker" biar gak bingung bacanya.. thanks!

MIDWAY --a movie also for traveler!!

I love white sandy beach. I am very lucky to be born in a country with some most beautiful beach in the world.

I got to be honest, until i was in university i never really care about traveling and taking care of nature, the very best gift that free (so far it is). Its beautiful beach, nice sky, green grass... fresh air... i took it all for granted, went there took picture, had some fun with friends and family giggles, play with wave, running on grass... making camp fire.. cooking---and littering.

As i travel more frequent, i could see why its so important to keep our nature always clean.

I swam on that sea full of garbage, i walk on beach with my sandals for fears of broken bottles or...gross.. used condoms (sorry--but it was happened to me).

I saw this video: heart broken video about how evil human is.

We went there to some white sandy beach with our friends, bring some soda bottles, threw it off the boat and leave as nothing bad could possibly happened.

I saw the pictures of turtles trapped in some plastic garbage. Its so sad.

I would encourage everyone NOT TO LITTER when they were traveling. I would pick a plastic bottle that someone else threw in front of me. We had to start to live unselfishly.... its not only us who want a white sandy beach.

I am a litte bit too emotional when writing this, sorry :( just too sad.

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