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Bangkok Lady Boy; From Marilyn to Lady GaGa!

One thing that fascinate me about Bangkok is how the people feeling comfort with the "phenom" that i call Lady Boy, a.k.a Transgender or Kathoey in local Thai language.

Ladyboy cabaret show-extravagant stage!

I think its only in Thailand where the transgender found a home where other people not discriminate them or look bad at them in such negative way. They were given so much freedom here to live their life as any other people. Lady boy is considered as the third gender here in Thailand.They even had a separate toilet for them, so its Ladies, Gents, Ladyboy toilet. Hehehe In here, lady boy/kathoey is really part of the society.

Venus Fly Trap band. Which one is the real girl can you tell??

They walk and do their activities at day time. Not like in Indonesia they should hide them self until night time come to reveal their true soul. You wont see any different between them and real girl. In fact maybe among 50 girls in Thai 1 of them is a lady boy, and you wont notice this! Ohhh... and forget those thoughts of "oh yeah i will know them if you ask me to pick which one the lady boy and which one the real girl" things. You will loose your bet fella! check the Venus Fly Trap band (Hot Venus, Posh Venus, Cool Venus, Naughty Venus & Sweet Venus) picture i post above... can you tell which one is the real girl which one is the lady boy??

Answer is none of them real girl, all lady boy/transgender.

Yolanda-Venus Fly Trap Ladyboy Band member (yepp she's stunning!)

And they even had their own university where they could study, wear girls uniform without any prejudice from other student. I think its only in Thailand where school allowed their transgender students wear female uniform to attend their class and without any other kids bullied them!

University class for Ladyboy
Its fascinate me how they treat ladyboy same like any other gender and gave them chance for better education. Because better education means better life :)

Ladyboy University in Bangkok

I went there several time to Bangkok and realize that there are very tiny differences between the real girl there and the lady boy! oh my.. they're very pretty! with Asian figure you wont tell the difference because some guys in Asia had smaller frame too (even smaller than me). Not once i was laugh because my Caucasian friends went to Thailand and said to me "I WAS FOOLED!!" and i know what he's talking about! these ladyboys is hard to resist, they're really the "candy eye" for every men.

I went to a street in Phuket and have a chat with them years ago... and found that some of them are very friendly and nice to talk to :) they told me about hard life they should goes through.. and reason why he became a kathoey. He said, he came from a poor family, and he said to help his family he had to work. He see that many girls got more money from caucasian tourist. He never think of being kathoey that time but, then just the economical things push him to.

I always think Thailand had many things attract tourist/traveller to visit them. And i would say, you just cant get enough of this country!

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