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Dear pembaca, untuk kedepannya tulisan dalam bahasa Indonesia di blog ini bakalan aku pindahkan ke blog aku yang lain "Nona Backpacker" biar gak bingung bacanya.. thanks!

Welcome to the border control management Indonesia! (yippie! No more embarcation card!!)

Start from March 23, 2012 Indonesian International gates (airport and sea) dismissed the rules to fill out the embarkation and disembarkation card! Indonesia now becoming one of the 44 countries that apply the border control management.

buh bye Indonesian embarkation card!

But this is only for local/Indonesian citizen and not for expatriate or tourist that come to visit Indonesia :)

You could see the full news in Indonesia language here.

I haven't see what kind of device they use to create data for the incoming and outgoing people from Indonesia but i hope its just like the one that they use in Malaysia (finger print scanner). Its sure will safe sometimes and also will eliminate the "fear" for some people who just like me---loose the card somewhere on my journey!

No more spending time to wrote the tiny cards and no more worry when you loose the card..... yay!! all you need to do just to show your passport and boarding pass to the immigration officer and instead of the card they will add more stamps to your passport... hehehe and its fun to see the stamp as it seemed like you travel even more hahah!

Pictures taken from this address.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely a good thing.

Residing abroad, I always have the odd piece left compared to people residing in Indonesians (Kartu Keberangkatan - and then Kartu Kedatangan, in my case I always fill out the Arrival Card first, and then get a new card for Departure Card).

The fact that I'm visiting Indonesia once a year doesn't make it easier. Who'll keep those stub cards for a year?r

Fico said...

@ This Indonesian
Exactly! i always had the fear that one day i will loose that card while i was traveling!

I heard the immigration will charge you with some "fine" but i dont really know about that.

I usually get more than one of these card, just in case.

But once my friend loose this card at Palembang airport and the immigration guy there held her passport! but then she found it somewhere on her backpack.

If theres a better system like this automatic stuff why not?

Unknown said...

ho need to waste time doing that paper filling again

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