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Air Asia Web Check In Palembang

After long time not flying with Air Asia, finally this month I travel again to Kuala Lumpur from Palembang.

Few changes made. This time I had to buy "Checked Luggage" and end up with 15kgs checked luggage for about Rp 110.000,- or around US$ 13 and I bring one of my backpack with laptop inside, should be less than 7kgs for carry on. Some people also bring suitcase with approved size to the cabin, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s not over 7kgs (even if you carry two small bags)

The other thing is, I could check in using web check in from AirAsia website 2 days before departing. I have to print out the boarding pass myself after finish. I did this also because Air Asia will charge the conventional check in at the airport! ughhh no way!

The web check in it self could be done 7 days before departure  date up to 45 mins before the departure. All you need is a working internet, and a printer to print the boarding pass!

This is pretty neat as if you're in the city where you don't know exactly when you will arrive at the airport. Its killing me when i had very close departure time and had to queue on the check in counter too... its truly a nerve breaking experience!! so this web check in is pretty neat idea!

First step is you have to select your departure city and booking numbers. Next you need to select guess that need to be checked in. And the last one is get your printer ready, and print your boarding pass.

First step-type in your departure city and booking numbers

Next step is to pick/tick the guess that need to be checked in and their nationality.

Guess name and nationality

After that you need to check if you need to super size the luggage (just like i did before) or if you don't need it just go to the next option which is  the seat selector. If you don't need to sit in special place--and pay extra money for that, you could let the computer pick a seat for you (for me is no problem, you're on the flight anyway)

Options for luggage and seat

After the luggage and seat taken care of the next thing is you need to choose the options whether if you want your boarding pass to be sent to your mail or cellphone. For me i prefer the mail as sometimes the cellphone network is too bad that i can not receive the boarding pass details, and note this could be done once!!

be wise, pick the best option for the boarding pass to be sent

Still on the 3rd step, after the previous options. you also need to check that you understand the terms and conditions of the web check in too.
Step 3 is to chek the terms & condition

And the last step is to print the boarding pass. Made sure you had your printer working!

boarding pass ready to be printed out!

Voila! you got your boarding pass!!

It should be ok.... well that’s what I thought.

At airport all i need to do after the web check in is to drop my luggage at the "Baggage Drop" line and let the officer to check my papers and boarding pass that i already print at home. The counter open 2 hours before departure and closes 45 mins before departure time.

At Palembang International Airport the system not really that work. At other airport they had the luggage check in for those whose already doing web check in so they don’t have to queue. But there I was, queue with other passengers whose check in.

I ask the officer if I don't have to queue, because.. well.. what’s the web check in for???? I have to wait there with the long queue, nothing special in Palembang Air Asia!

It’s very disappointing for sure.

If in other airasia counter in Jakarta or other country they had this special line where you could drop off your luggage without queue. And then if you don't have the print out of the boarding you could copy a special barcode from website to your cell phone/Smartphone and then scan it to the boarding pass machine to print out the barcode.

After queue, I still have to scan my boarding pass print out to the boarding pass machine on the left corner side of the check in counter (at Palembang Airport). Huffff... this is much hassle!! Just too bad the system not working....

The other thing is, from Palembang too many people bring too much thing on board. They are not so strict with the rules so, when we got up to the plane the compartment on the top of the seat is very full!! It’s just made more headaches when we land and waiting for the door to be open, everyone seemed want to get off first with that loads of luggage. Unbelievable.... to see over 10 kgs suitcase flying over your head, and hit your shoulder.

Oh well.... we will see on the 22nd I will return from Kuala Lumpur to Palembang again, I hope the service is much better!!

Air Asia now charging Rm 10 (US$ 3.30) for conventional check in! new rule since Sept 21, 2011

So better to do your check in online now!

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Unknown said...

nice.... thanks for the post

Fico said...

@ Priyanka
Thanks for reading dear ;)

DOLORES said...

I travel a lot too. What a terrible check in for you! If that is what check in is coming to I dont want to travel anymore by plane. thanks for the write up. You have helped a lot of people.

Fico said...

@ Lola
This is only happens in Palembang, Sumatra.
It should be better than this. In Kuala Lumpur the system works and i don't have to queue and its just as easy as it should be.
I guess its because they had smaller airport so they can not provide the special line for people who already did the web check in :)

Anonymous said...

Nice posting. I am going to Palembang for the SEA Games.

Anonymous said...

I tried web checkin once. When I arrive at LCCT in KL, to get my Boarding Pass, found out the machine can't read my Q Barcode on my mobile phone. So I have to check in again manually at the counter.

Fico said...

@ Cik Gu
Thanks for reading :)

Thats actually the very first reason i doubt the last option whether i want to sent the boarding pass to cellphone/smartphone or to mail. I pick mail as it more reliable i also take precautions to reprint the boarding pass too.
So if the phone doesn't work i had the printed one that always works just fine :)
Maybe it got something to do with the cellphone type/screen and of course the bar code machine sensitivity at the airport... but oh well who knows...

Oh... safe trip to Palembang, you should try the empek2 and..errh its very spicy! had the taste for a different Malay Cik Gu! if you went to Indonesia-Java or Bandung..i could say Sumatra is kind of least the language almost the same like Malay ;)

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