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Europe Tips 2--its about what to bring!

When i am about to leave Indonesia to Europe, my bedroom just like a sinking boat everything scattered around. Errhh ya i know my mom will say thats pretty normal hehe..

pilah-pilih pakaian buat liburan

But i did it for my suitcase. I am not really a big fan of traveling with suitcase. I think i prefer to use 60-80 liters backpack rather than the 60" wheeled suitcase.

Packing is the most essential thing in traveling, i wish i could give you a packing list here, but hey everyone had different needs. Some of my friends think high heels is important rather than a comfort boyish sneakers. Its just different for everyone, had to suit the needs and the personality.

pack your belonging wisely....

1. Clothes
I think the best is to know the details about where you about to go. You have to know about the weather and humidity. Why this is important?? you don't want to wear short at 13 degrees temperature-been there done that!! anyone from tropical country like me consider 13 degrees like -1.. exaggerate things? heheh for those who laugh at these i bet you had 4 season there... try to walk in Singapore for more than 2 hours at mid day.. then if you're not swearing because of the high temperature.... then don't laugh at me!! a good dress that according to weather would be matters!!

The other thing about clothes?? ladies and gentlemen... when you travel to another part of the world... please do respect other culture... we don't need to see your thigh inside a mosque, temple or other sacred places. If you want to go to this kind of places, please do dress accordingly!! prepare for something more closed, long trouser, jeans, something with sleeve, or jacket perhaps? even if its at boiling heat... in the name of respect please do dress like others.

Also when you pack and finish it... take everything out and try to reduce half of it... you wont need half of the things you bring! in my case it work this way! i get rid a red dress, a heavy doc marc Boots, another sneakers, and some sweaters. I prefer to use double dress, you could use two shirt at same time if its too cold!

All you need is 8kgs of bag/suitcase the max... i know they gave you 15 kgs.. but come on!! its too heavy! do weight your luggage before you go to airport... and do remember not all places like in Paris--as example-- they dont have escalators.. theres no such thing as lift as well at the metro station!! you will be lifting those heavy luggage every each of painful stairs that you goes to!! so watch the weight!!

And do leave fake stuff sista!! im talking about the fake Prada bags or Gucci shoes that you bought from a tiny shop down town of Hongkong. If you don't want to get hose stuff held by officer in any Europe airport. Safe your time and at least no shame!

2. Meds
Once my friends said, when she saw the whole medications that i bring during my trip said i was about to get arrested in airport as drug smuggler. I bring the whole plastic bag of medications that i use. Flu meds-check, antibiotics-check, antacid-check, diarrhea meds-check, high doze of vit C and other supplements-check, and the list goes on. The last thing i want is getting sick in other countries... i rather to had meal in a luxury Paris restaurant rather to buy an antibiotics for my food poisoning--maybe hahaha... but health is important! thats the point. Not all of our medications are sold free in every country.. example even in Singapore i can not get a panadol for my flu because they INSIST on doctors prescription which is i can not get because i am not seing any doctors (God know how much cost for a doc visit in Singapore!!)

In another note, please do check if the medications you bring is allowed to bring inside the country. There are several medications also banned in some country but allowed in other country. The last thing you want is to get arrested as drug dealers in airport--as i mentioned before!

3. Beauty Kits Ecetera (Girls section--most of it)
Helloww princess.... you know you will get your monthly timers (sorry guys...) so be wise... last thing you want here is to try to get a feminine pads while you're grabbing your tummy and walking in pain to the nearest drugstore just to find ANOTHER TAMPONS.

Tampons-eekkk... whats this?? (never seen it in Indonesia)

Yes... tampons... i don't know what the heck is that when i see it my self when the cashier hand me a box of that.. and i see it.. and say.. no... i don't know how to wear this because i dont think in Indonesia people use it!!! lucky its not a great flow that i could use my daily pantyliners.

What every girls needs!! the emergency leakage first aid!

In Indonesia we know feminine pads, and we find it hard to get to know "tampons" its another kin of the..errhh same thing heheh... well it goes same to some other countries... they only know tampons and rarely sold the feminine pads. And the price??? ohhh hahah.. don't ask.. i swear its more expensive than my undies (that bought in Indonesia!!) don't do a foolish mistakes its worth one meal perhaps!

Please bring your own fave one... don't make a mess please....

Ok.. general stuff??
Bring your extra moist hand and body lotion if you go to a 4 seasons country... its cold there.. its true.. but its also dry!! very dry! its not like tropical country where you could walk and sweat like in the sauna. In Germany i run from bottom of hills to the Neuschwanstein and had no sweat! if its in Indonesia i would barely breathe and swimming in my own sweat! this is included a lipbalm... and guys.. dont pretend to be too tough for this.. you had the same lips like girls, and last thing you want a chopped ugly lips yikess... not a major attraction guys.. not healthy either! better if it had sun blocks too! mine comes from Nivea, works just nice (no need one with colors..haha)

Winter doesn't mean you can not had the sun burn. Hiking on a snowy mountain the same!! i got darker skin after i spent whole day at Zugspitze! and its -1 degree!! bring your sunblock!

Another note that i took is... when i was back in Indonesia i was  thinking of taking a small package of toiletries... shampoo etc. But then i am glad i didnt do it. First of all, back to the price again...  my journey total in 20 days, and almost everyday i wash my hair.. i took my one bottle of shampoo... as hello i dont want to use others shampoo and the price ck ck.. different!! unless you had unlimited money then go ahead buy your Loreal's shampoo from champ Elysees.. i dare you!

4. Foods-Snacks
I like my MILO pack... its sweets, and its cheap. I also like oreos, INDOMIE, noodles, ENERGEN cereal and Veggies Jacobs. I bring small packs all of those fave snacks. Just in case i can not find any  halal food. Or in case i dont have time or small money to do breakfast. Breakfast is awesome in Europe, you could buy fresh bread in Paris and drink it with your own NESCAFE and keep half for lunch... well they had huge bread!! i bring my own SARIKAYA jam also, and share it with Mr T and he love it!! haha they don't have that there in Europe.

I bring some gado-gado paste also.. this is from Indonesia, we could mix this for veggies, just like salad dressing also you could do it with beef or meat and it becomes satay seasoning, or just eat it with plain rice!! very easy.... i bring two cube of this and give it to my host in Paris as gift.. he went to Indonesia several times so he knows about this gado-gado seasoning which is peanuts mixed with red/palm sugar and some chilli.. very nice!

Bring some of snacks and your fave food.. in case if you missing home, or if your host ask if you could cook your traditional cook... why not!! be continued......

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