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Jump Off The World Highest Bungy! (Macau Madness)

These are few pictures i haven't share while i was doing my Hongkong-Macau trip. I did manage to do one of my bucket list, jump off from the highest bungee in the world.

Not that i intend the "world highest" part, but it just happens to be there. And like people said... the "first" always be the unforgettable! i want to do it again!!

Staring to the "landing" area 233 meters below, its a long way down!

As i sign the papers for registration, i think... what the hell i am doing here? doohh.. i just do it quick before the looks on the other 2 guys scare me! hehehe.... there were plenty other visitors that time to see the night sky in Macau. Its close to Halloween so guys whos working at the jump operators wears mask and other halloween atributs... hehe its kind of funny!

I took the whole package the total cost is MOP 2988 (around US$383). It was for1 jump, a tshirt, a certificate, membership card, DVD, photo CD and 2 printed picture also a AJ Hackett rubber band.

It was 6.45 pm, the lights from the casinos and hotels so beautiful. And the wind blows hard, and its freezing 15 Celsius degrees. The lowest temperature i ever had in my life (after Kerinci-which is 18 degrees).

Last briefing, trying to enjoy the fantastic Macau night view
There was 3 people jump that night. Me and other two guys. Me and another guy manage to jump. But they stop the 3rd guy because the wind a little bit too strong. I like the way they keep things safe. As i work in high risks job where safety is on top of the list.

The jump operator is AJ Hackett. They're famous with the bungee operators. I think they also operate the bungee in Bali too. This is their website if you want to check more about the bungee operator at Macau tower.
"Knocking on Heavens Door" song playing on my head i jump!!

If you ask me how do i feel about the jump? i feel great that i want to do it again!!

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