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Bangkok Day 2; What a day!

Wake up a little bit late after our night out, i can't wait to show Lee Bangkok. She also excited about the trip. So we take shower in very nice bathroom of Lub.D. She impressed with the hostel since that was the very first time she stayed in hostel and on a budget traveling journey.

What i like about Lub.D (that i regret later didn't take so many pictures on this awesome hostel). It was very clean, and safe as they put multiple door, and the atmosphere are friendly, free wifi, free internet, and they had this bar down stairs that we could had our breakfast and maybe could hang out with the hostel guest at night. Chong Nonsi MRT/Sky Train not really far from there, if you know the map, its less than 15 min slow walk! Its very cool! There also public market not far from the hostel. I love buying food from hawker seller. Its clean, and i think i had more resistance on "un-certified" food hahaha! (sombong!) as long as its not pork, i will be jussstttt fine!

I did a complain, once, when i think i found someone else hair on my pillow (since my hair long and dyed/colored so i know its not mine).  They change the bed sheet then.

Lee waiting for the traffic light near MRT
Back to our cruise at town. There are two MRT station close to the hostel, Chong Nonsi and Sala Daeng. But we didn't want the same mistake as last night when we get lost and realize that Sala Daeng actually bit far from the hostel. So we took different  route.

Today we are planning to do a little bit shopping at MBK. A shopping mall well known among Indonesian. I bought two tshirt last time i went to Bangkok in 2007. It was cheap, and the quality was very good! it does made me regret not to buy more while i were there that time.

From Chong Nonsi station we have to go to National Stadium station. Its quite far from Chong Nonsi but.. it only took less than 20 minutes. I love the Sky Train or MRT in Singapore. I wish they build this transportation someday in Jakarta. (Ngarep gak papa kan?)

I forgot how Bangkok could be so hooot! a short walk and my shirt wet! and i am an Asian!

Oh, when i arrive at the MRT, i just realize i was become a skimming victim (smile). You know the ATM machine crime? when they copy your ATM card and stole your bank account? yepp.. happened to me! my account left to Rp 28.000 (below US$ 3), thank you very much Mr Skimmer! (weep weep)

Panic? hell yes!! feels like i want to scream, and rolling on MRT floor but i didn't do it. I just stare at the ATM monitor and scared Lee. Hahaha... its really happening to me!

It was my first day in Bangkok i still have like 11 days to go before i land in Jakarta. I only book, half price of most of my accommodation. But all flight tickets are covered tho.

In gasp of panic i try to find at least 5 different ATM at MBK. Lee starve, so we eat our lunch, i still feel like my tummy been kicked hard! hard to chew the food.

It looks delicious, don't know the name, but its a green beans with jelly wrapped shaped like fruits.. amazing!

But we found this unique cute food!! oh its desert... more to. Its a jelly, small size, soooo delicious looks, inside of it is green beans! very creative! i want to ask Lee.... can it made me high now? because i need it please!! haha but i thought Lee was worry enough to think about the rest of our journey. So i didn't spell it out. She bought a box, and its relaxing tho.... sweet and fresh cold. Not that hard to finish the whole container.

Delicious, looks very very attractive! (just note the seller name Pa' Lek>>>suspicious its a Java language!)

At home mom already contact my bank, and nothing i could do as they said it was a valid withdrawn from Thailand ATM, and they know i am in Thailand. Anyway, it was happened, and i ask my mom to send me money for the day and i try very hard to remember if i did brought my Credit Card or not.

Look in to that troubled eyes.... so much cute things at MBK but penniless! this is crueell! T.T

Reason why i don't want to bring my Credit card?
1. I shop a lot (shooooeeeesssssss!!!!!! ruuunnn! discount! ooohhh aawww! madness!)
2. I shop a lot of things i do not need and worse about that, i REGRET IT later, and feel annoyed why i can not hold my seld and bought so many stupid things.
3. I lost things, i forgot things.
4. My CC had no insurance.
5. I just basically don't trust my self being alone in shopping city like Bangkok and Singapore.

Anyway its more to silly personal reasons that worry me. But at last it wasn't proved on this journey tho. You could bring your credit card of course!

Is it a cat head? its cute, and funny, and artsy!

We walk at MBK almost all day. Window Shopping for things. So many cute things there. Until i decide time to get back to hostel. So we walk outside and notice the next building to MBK. There are cute cat head and garbage bin in front of the building.

I never been to that building before. Its Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. They had movie exhibition there. We decide to get in and take a peek inside. Its very calming place, lots of painting and art craft and actually unique stuff! there was post card and its hand drawing very unique for collection!

After going for two floor, we become bored pretty easy. I told Lee about Erawan Shrine. Lots of Indonesian business went there for good luck pray. Shes pretty excited to see. So we walk down to the street because the Erawan Shrine doesn't have Sky Walk (pedestrian walk but its placed align with MRT or above the main highway, even singapore doesn't have this!!)

But then this is the first time i passed by Siam Junction. There are more shop there. We quickly forgot about Erawan Shrine and drowned to the shops. Lee had a good taste in clothing i could see that. And most peopel here think that shes a fashion models. We both tall, over 173cms which not average in Indonesia, we are tall girls and not very feminine as lady boy hahahah!

Ballack, mein liebe!!

When we walk through the isles of shops there it was... the golden dome the roof top of Bangkok Hard Rock Cafe. I saw it on internet before. So i told Lee about it and she said "lets go there!" so we march down there, made few pictures, between me and mein liebe Michael Ballack, German national football captain (Ich Liebe dich!!). Its pepsi ads. But i could see that the Siam Junction been one of the place where you could watch the World Cup 2010. You still could see flags, posters and pictures along the street. Love German team always... for picture souvenirs (and to irritate someone that been fans of Socceroo... hahaha!) so i take one picture on one of bench with Ballack picture.

To the 2nd Floor, basically a Beattles and Elvis "museum"

Actually before we enter the Hard Rock Cafe, i feel little bit "scared" as the car that parked in front of the Cafe mostly very expensive car (Mazda coupe, BMW, Porsche, etc) freak me out, and think ...ohhh.. only rich people come here, wonder hows the food/drinks price is. Thinking about my less than 3 dollars bank account, basically i am one of those homeless beggars (weep weep).

Having Extra Large Ice Cream, its a big Lunch desert!!
We sit on table with "John Lennon" and Paul McCartney memorabilia on walls. They even allow us to check the place until the 3rd floor. The 2nd floor actually the bar, it was closed that time and open only at night. The third floor is more like office.

Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok 3rd Floor Office

I got my self sundae ice cream, while Lee order glass of mocktail, i forgot the name (haha we want to get bit tipsy in day light!) and set of fries which we gladly only order for 1 set, because it comes in big basket!! too much even just for two girl, but maybe its just fine for guys. And i want a bottle of water after the ice cream. Oh ice cream HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (two thumbs) for the brownies inside the ice cream taste very good. And have to warn you, its also on big cup, as you could see on my picture, so Lee and i trying so hard to finish it, but we couldn't make it to the bottom of the cup! (soooo yummy that it made me drools to remember how it taste...)

I like this..sound like three Musketeers in music!

We take some more pictures there before leaving. The waitres are very friendly, and actually "too friendly" hahaha. We learn some of thai language from the guy, which is nice things.

Lee then said she want to meet up with her friend "Joe" so, we have to leave! back to MBK because he will go there. So back to MBK, we walk a bit since it will took him about 45 minutes before he arrive.

We sit at Mc D and watch how much students use the McD as place for studying. Its fun to see also some of the (looks like) University Student teach them. Same like in Indonesia, difference that we don't really use McD as place to study, as there are too many distraction!

Joe finally arrive, and he was very nice person!

He ask if we had dinner already, and we both said we had big lunch and still full. But then he took us to a japanese restaurant in Siam Paragon. Its a fancy restaurant! I didn't really enjoy another food because suddenly i had acid indigestion and i didnt bring my antacid!! i always bring that when i was traveling! it must be fall somewhere but its not on my back pack (weep).

So lee and Joe had their dinner while i had a cup of hot green tea (i think it was yamcha). Its calming tho. We had great time during dinner. And then Joe invite two of his friend to come to join us!

Bowling at Siam Paragon Mall

It was a blast! they were very funny, and crazy. I feel so full, so does Lee! but the fun was not over as then we went to the top of the mall and play bowling!

Fun at Bowling with new friends

It was crazy as i never bowling before! very fun... and Joe was very kind to show me things, and i think i learn it very quick! but of course i was not as good as they are! Even Lee does bowling before!

Mr. Strike! He really show off his bowling skills!

There was a lot of people, families and young old guys mixed there. It was very fun night! I also found out later that the bowling place also had an ice skate rink! wow...

Closing time!

We are the last costumer went back home from the bowling place! hahaha... feels like we don't want to end the night tho! so we walk Joe friends back home, and then find a taxi to get back to Lub D in Silom.

It was 3 am when we had to say good bye to Joe! it was an awesome night and he think he could join us tomorrow tor the "wat" tours!

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PramannA said...

Kalo mau berangkat, udah siapin uang asing, ato baru nukar di sono?
salam kenal ya


Fico said...

@ PramannA
Aku biasanya bawa uang cash rupiah, ditukar sedikit di airport negara tujuan, tapi lebih seringnya aku ambil via ATM aja. Jadi gak bawa banyak uang cash.

ATM aku BCA biasanya bisa di pake di ATM thailand yang warna ungu sama warna kuning mesinnya.. kalo gak salah bank of ayuthayya (ungu) sama satu lagi lupa nama bank nya...

Mudah2an kebantu.. yuukk salam kenal juga ^,^

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