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News Flash: Bali is not a country !!!

This morning i read something that tickling my mind when i open a website about a free accommodation, and because i am planning to go to OZ i look up the "info about Australia".

When i see the part of "neighboring COUNTRIES, i saw something : Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Indonesia, New Zealand, South East Asia, Fiji, BALI.


Since when Bali is a country? i know its been long time a go, maybe since high school tourist often call Bali as a country. They don't realize Bali is one of Indonesia Province, one among thousand pretty island in Indonesia.

Its just strange that so many people doesn't know that ! Its just the same like saying Hawaii is a country, or saying New York is a country instead a state !

I know that website been edited by the user, but its just make it worse, show how much people don't care or don't want to know places that interest them, and then pass the wrong information about that place... i found that a little bit ignorant.

Every time i travel i met tourist made such statement, that Bali is a beautiful country.. ewww... and i did my best to explain that Bali just one of Indonesia wonder. When i explain that i am from Indonesia, sometimes even from traveller from Europe or USA will paused and see me puzzled, and then when i ask "do you know Bali?" and their answer will be ahhhh.. ohhh.. ok i heard about Bali ! (uggghhhh!) hahahah.... Even once someone said the country between Australia and Singapore is just Bali...(ouch that hurt!!).

Trust me for local it feels much more better if you know about places you visit. They would feel you respect them (a little bit).

When i am traveling i would love to know about the place i am about to visit. Its just enrich the knowlegde, i think traveling its also about learning something, and learning that Bali not a country is one of the thing you should do if you want to visit Bali !

I hope Julia Robert latest movie "Eat Pray Love" (based on novel by Elizabeth Gilbert) somehow made more people abroad know about Bali ! and Bali wont be the only tourist place they visit.

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Unknown said...

it's not pure ignorance or accident that not many people know Bali is in Indonesia. It's actually a product of a successful tourism campaign to market Bali separately from Indonesia. why? simple. to get tourists.

3rd world country such as indonesia and philippines (where i'm from) have very bad image abroad. it's always portrayed as country with terrorism and a lot of political unrests. there are always travel alert in our countries. so people go to other countries for holiday.

it's quite brilliant actually, that the Bali local government decided one day to market Bali separately from Indonesia. 10 years ago I encountered many beautiful "VISIT BALI" holiday posters of gorgeous beaches and sunsets. I had to look up where Bali is because no where in these adverts can you find association of Bali and Indonesia. There you go.

Fico said...

Wrong advertisement by government.

Its true..perhaps.

But also maybe because Bali had more preparation, better facility for tourism like international airport, hotels and resorts.
Since our first President love this island and made it as his fave vacation destination, he might also bring this bali advertisement around the globe.
To be honest the other facilities such as road infrastructure, and public transports, other island have better options than Bali.
But yes, beside Jakarta, Bali is the only province that had international airport which open door for many international tourist to come to visit bali.

Hehe.. talking about terrorism, bali would be very bad to advertise since there are two bombing there that cause more than 500 people causality. But still when people say do you know bali? they not really associate the island with the terrorism, still "oh.. yes that pretty bali!"

Just my two cent :P

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