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Traveling Jambi Province Sumatra Indonesia

I live in Jambi for almost the rest of my life. The only time i left Jambi when i went studying in a University in Lampung Province (at the edge of Sumatra). How to go to Jambi with flights ever discussed on one of my post here. There are several people also ask where they should stay in Jambi so.. after browse i found these hotel list, number 1 is the most fave hotel here in Jambi:

  1. Novotel Jambi
    JAMBI -Jln. Gatot Subroto No. 44, Jambi 36134
    +62-741-27208, 50808 / +62-741-27209
  2. Abadi Hotel
    JAMBI -Jln. Gatot Subroto No. 92-98, Jambi 36134
    +62-741-25600 / +62-741-23065
  3. Jambi Tepian Ratu Hotel
    -Jln. Slamet Riyadi No.40, Jambi 36121
    +62-741-668888 / +62-741-667788
  4. Grand Hotel Hotel
    -Jln. Prof. Sumantri Brojonegoro No. 51-54, Jambi 36135
    +62-741-64398, 60286
  5. "88" Hotel
    -Jln. Halim Perdana Kusuma No. 8, Jambi 36134
    +62-741-33266, 31188, 33287
  6. Adipura Hotel
    -Jln. Prof. Dr. Sumantri Brojonegoro No. 119, jambi 36251
    +62-741-60200, 60900, 62873
  7. Aini Hotel
    -Jln. Prof. h. Moh. Yamin SH No. 19, Jambi 36135
  8. CatLeya Hotel
    JAMBI -Jln. Prof. Dr. Sri Sudewi Maschun Sofyan, SH No. 12, Jambi 36122
  9. Dahlia Hotel
    JAMBI -Jln. Iskandar Muda Muda 100, Jambi 36134
    +62-741-52309, 50863
  10. Isti Hotel
    JAMBI -Jln. Panglima Polim No. 12
  11. Jambi Raya Hotel
    -Jln. Camar I No. 45-48, Jambi 36134
    +62-741-34971, 21175 / +62-741-34972
  12. Kursina Hotel
    JAMBI -Jln. Arif Rahman Hakim 2, Jambi 36124
    +62-741-62484 / +62-741-667321
  13. Makmur Hotel
    -Jln. Husni Thamrin No.14, Jambi, 36112
    +62-741-22324, 23226 / +62-741-25507
  14. Marisa Hotel
    -Jln. Kol. Abun Jani 12, Jambi 36129
    +62-741-60533, 60363, 60677 /+62-741-33160
  15. Matahari 1 Hotel
    JAMBI -Jln. Sultan Agung 67A, Jambi 36135
    +62-741-24610, 20451 / +62-741-33160
  16. Merdeka Hotel
    JAMBI -Jln. Prof. Dr. Sumantri Brojonegoro No. 33
  17. Mexiana Hotel
    JAMBI -Jln. Halim Perdana Kusuma No. 10, Jambi
    +62-741-22163, 51449
  18. Mustika Hotel
    -Jln. Sultan Agung No. 81, Jambi 36112
  19. Nusa Wijaya Hotel
    -Jln. Kol. Abunjani No.14 Rt. 22, Jambi 36129
    +62-741-60154, 61569
  20. Palem Hotel
    JAMBI -Jln. Soekarno-Hatta No. 45, Jambi 36139
  21. Penawaran Inn
    -Jln. Kolonel pol. M. Taher No. 55, Jambi 36142
    +62-741-22650, 236650
  22. Perdana Hotel
    JAMBI -Jln. P. Hidayat Kota Baru, Jambi
  23. Pinang Hotel
    JAMBI -Jln. M. Husni Thamrin Rt. 05
    +62-741-22521, 23969
When i work a lot of people when heard i am from Jambi (when i was in Lampung) will somehow related me to the primitive tribe that in habit Jambi Province that known as "Suku Anak Dalam" or "Kubu" (have bad meaning as stupid or savage, don't call them with this...). Its hard to explain its kind of different between the tribe and my family roots comes from very different place. So upset that i made this primitive tribe as my final "small thesis" for my graduation at university. I went down to jungle several time, walk more than 12 km's inside the jungle to meet this tribe. And had several explanation about things related to my writing.
Jambi province is a small province in Sumatra island. Not so extravagant like other province like North Sumatra (Medan) or West Sumatra (Padang) or even South Sumatra (Palembang), or Lampung. The city centre is quiet place with only few shopping malls. Its not a jungle, but also not a big city like Jakarta or Batam (more close to Batam tho.. and more pretty than Batam).

places to visit for tourism like the jambi batik centre in the other side of the river (called "Jambi Seberang").

In here you could see how jambi batik made. Its very different than Java batik theres several main colors like blue, red and green. Also there's no animal picture. I think the style that i know is "durian pecah", "kapal perang" and "bungo manggis" i forget other style. But its all nice. The price would be depend on the material where the batik is done. I prefer hand made batik because its so nice and smooth..... and the nearest interesting place 30 min from city centre would be the Candi Muara Jambi or Muara Jambi Temple.

I went to the temple 4 times in my whole life. I like the site, its full of tree and theres a human made lake, lots of durian tree (haha.. i know ! for some its a yucky fruit!). But the main thing is the temple. Its one of the biggest temple in Sumatra island. Belong to Srivijaya Kingdom that rules most of Indonesia during it time. A very well known kingdom that known until the Burmese ( i ever read this somewhere). Its not as huge and well maintaned like in Thailand, so sad to admit. This could be some source of income from the government but i don't think they really serious doing this tourism thing. First time i went there, i was still in primary school, and second time when i was in elementary school there was a malay people festival, and its really awesome because there so many malay culture that comes from Jambi showed there.

They perform act based on jambi malay culture, there was dancing and music. Also "pantun" (its a traditional poetry) i like to hear that.
ast time i went there at highschool i think i was 16. I went there with my family. We set a tent and stay there the whole day, its like a family picnic. Its fun to do. I don't know if they allow to camp all night or if it is safe to do. Because its quite a jungle. Other place worth the visit maybe the river bank at the afternoon. Its very calming to see. I used to eat at WTC shopping mall next to the river bank at one of Japanese restaurant "Zenbu" (no, they don't have sushi...too bad). And sit there to watch sunset and the river life. Sometimes if you were lucky you will see some jambi chinese will swim across the river.. i think they did that weekly. The river it self not a small one.. maybe almost 1 km stretch. Kind of remind of river in Bangkok (Chao Praya or something ?). Or if you want to go more down to earth style, you could go to a place called "Taman Tanggo Rajo" or called "ancol" by most of Jambinese (yup sound like Jakarta ancol). Okay i think thats several places in Jambi city you could visit.

Outside Jambi... hmmm.. i could think a place that i call a piece of heaven.. (wink wink).

My mom family comes from a region called Kerinci. They
use to have flight from Jambi to Kerinci, but i think they finally close it down. The only way i think using a land transportation.

Its 8 hrs car ride from Jambi. Some people said it is closer to West Sumatra or Padang. Kerinci have the highest mountain in Sumatra. You could go there using a travel car (small mini buses, with crazy driver) or small bus (will take you longer but not made you have heart attack). I mostly use travel/bus from "Safa Marwa" company. There are plenty hotel build in this regency lately.. i am glad they fix the accomodation problem these days. If you want to travel around this regency the best way i think is to rent a motorcycle or "ojek". The road is small and sometimes bumpy. But i think its not far from Bali Road, its almost the same road that connect Kuta and Ubud.

There are other way to go to Kerinci like from Padang..West Sumatra so for the comparison of distance i think i found something:
  1. Padang - Muara Labuh - Sungai Penuh (249 Km)
  2. Padang - Painan – Tapan – Sungai Panuh (277 Km)
  3. Bukut Tinggi – Solok – Muaro Labuh – Sungai Penuh ( Km)
  4. Jambi – bangko – Sungai Penuh (465 Km)
  5. Kuala Tungkal – Jambi – Bangko – Sungai Penuh (726 Km)
  6. Palembang – Jambi – Bangko – Sungai Penuh (726 Km)
  7. Bengkulu – Tapan – Sungai Penuh (879 Km)
An update:
There's a flight from Jambi straight to Kerinci Regency using Riau Airlines. They fly twice a week (Monday and Friday) at 9 am. I think you should contact a travel agent to book this flight because i can't seem find anything on their website about this flight, but it is advertised in local news paper (Jambi Newspaper).

And for the accommodation there you could stay on these hotel:

  1. Hotel Busana, Jl. RE.Martadinata Telp. (0748) 21122 Sungai Penuh
  2. Hotel Yani, Jl. Muradi No.1 Telp. (0748) 21409 Sungai Penuh
  3. Hotel Matehari, Jl. Basuki Rahmat Telp. (0748) 21061 Sungai Penuh
  4. Hotel Aroma, Jl. R.A. Kartini No.2 Telp. (0748) 21142 Sungai Penuh
  5. Hotel Masgo Kencana, Jl. Yos Sudarso No.21 Telp (0748) 22690 Sungai Penuh
  6. Hotel Kayu Manis, Jl. RE. Martadinata Telp. (0748) 21226 Sungai Penuh
  7. Hotel Anak Gunung, Jl. H. Agua Salim Telp. (0748) 21269 Sungai Penuh
  8. Hotel Jaya, Jl. RE. Martadinata Telp. (0748) 21221 Sungai Penuh

There are plenty places you could stay, from Sungai Penuh (center of the regency) or in Kayu Aro (on the way to Kerinci mountain, very cold, and near the tea plantation).

There is a lot of things i like in Kerinci.

1. Hot Spring in Rawang
Only few minutes walk from my great grandmother hou
se. This is for free, and its quite open place. If you want to go here bring your shirt and short to bath. Not far from here if you are in adventure mode, you could walk to the 7 storey waterfall. Its quite a walk up, but its really fun.

2. Telun Berasap Wa

Placed on the way to Kayu Aro... very high, very cold.. amazing scenery.. worth the ride up there. A lots of news said this waterfall will be use as source of electricity for most province in sumatra. Its very high and the sound is so loud. Water so fresh and cold. The stairs to go down is very slippery so you better be careful.

3. Tea plantation

This tea plantation almost the same like in Puncak
West Java/near Jakarta. But this is like 4 time bigger, and oh my God the scenery awesome !its on the way to the Kerinci Mountain. You will need to rent a car to go here, i don't know the public transport but its really really worth the visit.

4. Kerinci Lake

Last time me and family went here for a family
picnic. We had our lunch there in a place name "Pesangrahan" there's a floating place where you could eat your lunch. The lake it self amazing... but thing that i don't like is the water hyacinth. Its cover like 40 % of the lake. But the water oh so crystal clear.. hehe but too cold for me to swim.

5. Root Bridge

I forgot where exactly the place is... but its in Rawang area. I went there on the way to the traditional market in early morning.

6. Huge Semurup hot spring

Bigger, have bathroom and
range of the water temperature. There is small pond you could boil eggs. There used to be swimming pool also, but i think they don't use this anymore because its not clean (uhh yuck).

7. Made handcraft... i made a may from leaves

8. Flying huge kite in a dry rice field

9. Eating lunch in rice field oohhhh like the wind and scenery... even
Ubud Bali is nothing compare to this !!

10. Foto hunting...

There are so much to do there.. even riding a buffalo is quite fun. I never feel bored visit Kerinci.. because its really worth the journey. The nature really beautiful and still pure.. i like the people also.. even they shy to me hehehe.. so i don't know how they handle western people. I think only very few of them speak english.

I ever stay here for a month.. really ! its not even close with Chiang Mai... well okay they have elephant tour.. but i think still Kerinci win it all. Well they had so many things to fix like the accommodation and transportation.... but if they had this.. oh God... i really going to help them promote this place..

Even as one of people from Kerinci there are so many thing that i haven't explore in Kerinci.

One of the amazing place that i haven't see is Danau Gunung Tujuh or Seven Mountain Lake. This lake is so special because this lake is the HIGHEST LAKE IN SOUTH EAST ASIA. This lake is 1.996 meter above the sea level. This lake is surrounded by 7 mountain summit that's where the name come from. My high school friends went there on my 2nd grade, and they said it was unforgettable journey. Because the lake is still natural and so crystal clear, but its worth the hike (it is 51 Km from Sungai Penuh/the center of the regency).

I've been there... so i know.. they could be much better !

** Update from 2013:**
I found this one website that had lots of good information about Kerinci region. The website name is Wild Sumatra.

Nb. I got all of these pictures online by googling, so it is not the pictures that i take by my self...

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Jimbo said...

Thanks that is great travel information. It must be a very beautiful area. I want to travel to Sungai Penuh in a few months to visit Kericni Park and then go to Jambi. Is the road to Jambi in good condition in rainy season November? Thank you


Fico said...

@ jimbo
Thanks for reading!
Yes its very beautiful regency. There are still plenty of researcher doing research at Kerinci Seblat Park. Its one of the biggest national park in Indonesia. Bird watching, and those whos in search of natural herbal medications going to this regency..
Humm.. i think it will get worse as the rain pretty intense in here. The best is using the local flight there is direct flight from Jambi to Kerinci i think its daily now, but not by Riau Airlines anymore.

Zia's Azizah said...

hi fico, kenalin nama ku dewi. Aq ingin travelling budaya di Jambi, Kerinci dan Muara sabak. Itu aman yaa? Or ada tips ga untuk aku mengunjungi daerah itu.thx ya

Fico said...

Kerinci sekitar 8 jam dari jambi, dan jalannya lumayan jelek trus pheww... serem.. dengan lebar jalan kurang dari 10 meter, satu sisi tebing batu sisi lainnya jurang dalam yang lebih dari 50 meter.. pemandangannya bagus sih.. tips aku lebih enak naik mobil travel yang kecil/minubus ketimbang bus gede.. tapi itu kesukaan masing2 juga sih...
Pemandangan Kerinci bagus banget.. aku suka ke pemandian air panasnya baik yang di semurup (yang paling besar) ataupun yang di daerah rawang :) masih banyak sawah2nya hehehe
Kalau ke Sabak lewat jembatan aurduri 2 lumayan dekat gak sampe 1.5 jam.. kondisi jalan juga separuh sudah di aspal dan separuh lagi tanah yang udah di padatin. Kalau aku suka naik travel Ratu Intan yang pake ac banyak mobil travel/kendaraan umum di sana gak pake AC jadi kalau lewat jalan tanah debunya ampuuuunn! (aku lokasi kerja sempat di sabak sampe 4 tahunan hehe)
Kedua tempat aman kok--yah aman relatif ala indonesia deh :)

Met liburan ya....

Zia's Azizah said...

thanks ya the way maksih kunjungan baliknya...n I am a woman hihihihi yups my name is Surya Dewi...

Zia's Azizah said...

Thanks ya fico...iya nih kadang sedikit scare juga sih padahal bahasa jambi n bengkulu gak jauh beda, budayanya juga like that yaa

Fico said...

@ catatan surya
Hehehe.. kalau takut mah di rumah aja hahah.... itu yang harus dihindari traveler--rasa takut.

Takut boleh, tapi gak boleh halangin kamu buat adventure ketempat yang kamu pengen tuju ;)

Semua tempat itu relatif amannya. Tergantung dari cara kita membawa diri lah pokoknya.

Zia's Azizah said...

Iya..harus ditinggalkan di rumah. mumpung keberanian masih tersisa di jiwa hehehe Sekarang aq lg incar tiket murah ke jambi. Heran kok pada belum promo yaa khan udh mau thn 2012. Enggak tahu pulangnya yg naik bus or perginya yg naik bus yaaa.

Fico said...

hehehe.. the worse part about jambi... tiket dari jakarta lebih mahal ke Jambi ketimbang ke singapore atau malaysia.. harga tiket ke jambi paling murah setau aku 4ratusan ribu one way..
Kalaupun ada promo paling mentok di 3ratusan one way...

Zia's Azizah said...

Itulah yang harus diganti lebih mahal tiket ke jambi drpd pekanbaru ja dpat promo garuda jkt-pku 550rb eh ke jambi garuda 630 wkwkw akhirnya br ja pesan lewat sriwijaya air 401 yg promo.

Fico said...

hehe promo aja 4ratus lebih :D gimana mau maju pariwisata jambi hahah

badakbuddy said...

Thanks, it's nice to see good information on places in Jambi. One problem: the photo you have in the Lake Kerinci section is really a photo of Lake Danau Tujuh. Lake Kerinci ain't that pretty!

Fico said...

@ Badak Buddy
Hmm kind of disagree with you. I dont know from which part of Kerinci lake you visit and what you think as "beautiful" or "interesting" is.

I went to Kerinci lake many times since i was 5 years old. My mom village is in Semurup.

As city girl i used to APPRECIATE beauty of natures. Especially now i live in Jakarta where river had black muddy and smelly awful vies as well. Kerinci Lake would be AMAZING.

I travel to Germany and see Eibsee lake, a glatzer lake that amazed me so much but still i would say Kerinci Lake had its own beauty. Just like girls, had its own unique attraction.

I usually visit the area near Pesanggrahan. And its really nice to had a view from there and doing lunch :) it really pretty!

Maybe next time we could go to lake Kerinci together and i could tell you why i like it.

And of course. Gunung tujuh lake beyond Kerinci lake as its much further up in the mountains area and had less polluted by human... hahah anything that touch less part of human daily life would be just perfect.

Times to times the Kerinci lake been suffer from the water hyacinth-or locals call it "enceng gondok" and also human pollution as garbage and other waste. There are HUGE differences when first time i saw it in 1980es and the last time i saw it in 2010. But the water still crystal clear and still the lake that i will visit if i went there!

I know, maybe up there, lake Gunung Tujuh will be the same like it was since 1980es--as not much human interfere there.

You can't compare it that way---not if you really know nature and how to appreciate it ;)

Thanks for the comments!

Unknown said... dari malaysia, tapi kakek saya asal dari jambi berketuran kerinci..saya ngak pasti dari kampung atau daerah mana yg pastinya berasal dari ingin mencari saudara disana..utk menyambung silaturahim yg terputus sekian lama..could u email me
maybe some research about jambi/kerinci yang saya ingin tahu secara lebih detail.
mekasih sebelumnya

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