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Packing Tips

Packing too much will cost you more money. That's for sure.
There fore we must do the packing strategy that allow us to bring things that we need during the travelling. Ignore the "what if..." that mostly happened to all travellers.

Heres' the complete list what we might consider could help you to pack for your backpacking journey. Its not a "must" to carry things here on the list, but this might very helpfull for you to arrange things and maybe give thought at a very last minute of your travelling packing.

Remember only to carry things that you will need the most !

  • ressy jacket
  • 2 pairs trousers/skirts (shorts?)
  • 2-4 shirts
  • swimsuit
  • dark (cardigan) sweater
  • rainwear (umbrella?)
  • parka, coat, or equivalent
  • 3+ pairs socks
  • 3+ pairs undergarments
  • long (lightweight) underwear
  • long T-shirt or sarong [cover-up]
  • necktie, scarf, hairband, bandanna
  • gloves / mittens
  • sun hat / knitted cap, hat clip
  • 1 pair dressy shoes (laces?)
  • 1 pair walking shoes/boots (laces?)
  • flip-flops or sandals
  • belt
  • travel pack or shoulder bag (& luggage cart?)
  • daypack (fanny pack? purse?)
  • lightweight duffel/laundry bag
  • luggage lock(s) (cable?)
  • universal (flat) sink stopper
  • detergent, spot remover
  • (surgical rubber braid) clothesline
  • inflatable hangers [to dry clothes]
  • toilet paper, antibacterial wipes
  • (chemical or mechanical) water purifier
  • analgesic of choice
  • diarrhea treatment (e.g., Lomotil and/or Cipro)
  • infection treatment (e.g., Keflex)
  • malaria tablets
  • insect repellent, mosquito net
  • sunscreen, lip balm
  • bandages, moleskin (other first aid?)
  • menstrual, contraceptive, and/or prophylactic supplies
  • vitamins, necessary medications
  • plastic water bottle, (collapsible) cup
  • pen(s), small notebook, glue stick [for notes, addresses, diary, …]
  • personal address book (stamps?)
  • maps, guidebooks, phrase books, Post-it® notes, restaurant lists, membership cards, business/calling cards, telephone access numbers
  • reading material
  • large envelopes [to mail things home]
  • alarm clock/watch (batteries?)
  • flashlight, headstrap, extra batteries (bulbs?)
  • multipurpose tool, scissors
  • spoon (fork? chopsticks? spork?), (coffee tin lid) plate
  • compass
  • whistle
  • rubber door stop [for security]
  • inflatable travel pillow
  • hostel sheet bag (sleeping bag? bivouac sack? blanket? tent?)
  • safety pins, rubber bands, cord
  • sewing kit, including large needle
  • to accommodate dental floss
  • (Ziploc®) plastic bags, garbage bags
  • duct (or gaffer's) tape
  • toothbrush, tooth cleaner, floss
  • razor, blades, shaving oil/cream
  • comb and/or hairbrush
  • shampoo, bar soap & container
  • deodorant
  • nail clippers
  • [unbreakable] mirror
  • (Viscose?) towel
  • dark glasses, retainer, case
  • lens cleaning cloth/supplies, copy of prescription (spare glasses?)
  • earplugs (eye mask?) [to ease sleep]
  • passport, visas, extra passport photos, vaccination certificates
  • copies of important documents (international?) driver's license, health insurance information
  • travel tickets
  • charge & ATM cards, cash, traveller's cheques
  • 2 personal cheques
  • security pouch [worn under clothes]
Specialty Items:
  • camera (lenses? flash? tripod? film? extra batteries? charger? download adapter?)
  • cellular telephone (charger?)
  • laptop computer (flash drive? power cord/adapters? network cable(s)?)
  • (solar) calculator
  • gifts
Happy Packing !!


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