Pindahan Tulisan Bahasa Indonesia

Dear pembaca, untuk kedepannya tulisan dalam bahasa Indonesia di blog ini bakalan aku pindahkan ke blog aku yang lain "Nona Backpacker" biar gak bingung bacanya.. thanks!

Wadaaaww !!!

Few weeks ago i just learned that the airplane ticket from Batam to Jambi is TWICE price of ticket Jambi to Batam.. how's that could HAPPENED ????!!!

AAAAAAWWWWW!!! aw..aww..awww

I try not so worry about it since i had someone who could book it with cheap price (??) but i doubt that he will give me cheaper price than the net offers.

I already told Maria about this, and also that we had to change few things, since our first plan, we're planning to go by Riau Airlines.. but the plane not fliy again to Batam now !!

So we will go by Mandala Airlines. Which is a better airlines (better food???)

Anyway.. since the flight were changed.. that's mean we will arrive in Singapore at dinner time (wondering where to eat at Singapore.. lots of choices..) how about at Clarke Quay ? huehehehehe !!

I also find an article about Indonesian driving license are accepted there ! yiihaaaaa ! hehehe.. i could imagine we ride a matic scooter around Thailand and make a mess (ho.ho.ho)

Maria still not accepted my invitation to write this blog.. we surely have a different point of view about things.. and it would be extremely great to see this blog.. i could i magine that !!

There's so many things happened at work and my personal life.. ugghhh.. i feel like i want to go now.. but i have to wait until next month ! I could feel the warmth of the sun.. the wind breeze.. the salty water.. blue horizon...

We will go yeaaahhh !! (hiksss...)

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