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Sumatra Hidden Paradise

For so many people Sumatra just a jungle, not very attractive, as some said. But its a totally wrong assumption.

Sumatra is the 6th largest island in the world. Its had longest coast lines for water sport such as surf, many dive spot and for snorkeling. Many people/western had been there want to keep this as secret because they don't want too many people went there and destroy it (a friend surfer told me so), but i guess these days this paradise can't be kept as secret forever, as its getting famous !

From the Top of Sumatra to the bottom edge there are so many hidden paradise waiting to be found ! There are 10 Province in Sumatra, from top to bottom:

  1. Nangroe Aceh
  2. Sumatra Utara/North Sumatra
  3. Sumatra Barat/West Sumatra
  4. Riau
  5. Riau Islands/Kepulauan Riau
  6. Jambi
  7. South Sumatra/Sumatra Selatan
  8. Bangka Belitung
  9. Bengkulu
  10. Lampung
You could do so many activity, start from trekking, historical trekking, nature trekking, surving (best from March to November for incredible waves)-most of the spot is for experienced wave riders (yepp... thats very cool !), diving, snorkeling etc in Sumatra.

And the best part is, its not so touristy or over crowded like Bali or Lombok or other famous places. Its not fun anymore to go to beach when you have to watch your step because so many people lying on the sand to get some sun tan.

This are some pictures of the interesting places in Sumatra:

Aceh-Singkil Island

A Surfing contest in Aceh

Orang Utan in Bukit Leuser National Park North Sumatra (86 kms from Medan-3hrs car ride)

Brastagi Medan

Toba Lake/Danau Toba-North Sumatra; one of 5 biggest Lake in the world

Mentawai West Sumatra

Mentawai-West Sumatra

Siberut Island-West Sumatra

Siberut Island Sunrise-West Sumatra

Mount Kerinci-Jambi; included on Earth Fifty Finest Peak (wanna check?)

Surfing in Sumatra (feeling want to ride something wild and pure adrenaline?) :
1. Mentawai: link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4
2. Bengkulu
3. Lampung, Link 2, Link 3,
4. Riau
5. North Sumatra (Telo Island-its between Nias and Mentawai Island)

More Sumatra Surfing Operators: - offering surfing tours for Mentawais, Hinakos, Telos, and Banyak Islands.

Diving in Sumatra

You could complete your PADI here in Aceh-Pulau Weh/Weh Island or you could use this other dive operator. Since its not so touristy there are many good diving spot here in Sumatra too. Other famous diving spot is in West Sumatra-Mentawai Island. West Sumatra not only being famous because of the wave but also had 39 world class diving spots (another link for mentawai). Of 39 dive spots, 5 are just 10 miles of West Sumatra or only 30 minutes trip by boat. Other island off West Sumatra that good for snorkeling or diving is the Cubadak island. There are too many places to mention here ! but these are my fave...

Trekking in Sumatra

You will obviously find the most challenging trekking path in Sumatra. Beautiful scenery, high moutain to enjoy, the rain forest, animals.... its so beautifully green ! You could go to Kerinci National Park, the nearest city is Sungai Penuh. You could access this from West Sumatra or from Jambi. They do have flight from Jambi to Sungai Penuh (i post this on my previous post about Jambi).

Kerinci mountain is the highest peak on sumatra Island, the 2nd highest after mount Jaya Wijaya in Irian Jaya. The peak is said as one of the 50 finest peak on earth... could you imagine the feeling when you stand there? (haha i cant because never been there!). Oh i read some of the climbing here. And actually if y ou google it you could find many people already climb the peak.

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